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The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the East Coast’s most beloved ski and winter sports destinations. One of the favorite slopes for locals and tourists alike are the ones found at Ober Gatlinburg, a skiing paradise with attractions beyond the mountain trails. With so much to do, no two days at Ober Gatlinburg will ever be alike.

Sking in the Great Smoky Mountains

Sking in the Great Smoky Mountains

Ober Gatlinburg will satisfy any winter sports enthusiast who comes looking for action packed skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Tickets are sold in a variety of packages, from single day or time slots to multi-day vacation packages. Vacationers can also rent equipment from the ticketing offices if they have not brought their own. Access to the slopes is dependent on the weather, but as winter settles over the Great Smoky Mountains it is a perfect place to spend days on the slopes.

Skiing and Snowboard Classes Offered

For visitors who are new to the sports of skiing and snowboarding, why not learn? Ober Gatlinburg offers classes for children and adults on how to ski and snowboard, as well as private lessons if you want to hone specific skills or prefer not to learn in front of a large group of strangers. First time skiers and snowboarders will have to take lessons for their own safety before hitting the slopes but the classes are also good refreshers for anyone wanting extra tips.

Snow Tubing

If skiing is not your thing, you can also jump on a tube and slide down the slopes, facing forwards, backwards, or anything in between. Snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg is open daily from November 21st to early spring. Tickets are sold at the hill and are priced for 90 minute sessions. No need to climb up the slopes, an outdoor escalator will take you to the top of the run so you save time and can get the most slides possible during your time slot.

Ski Coaster

New in 2015 is the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Coaster. This fun ride sits just below the peak of Mt. Harrison. It stretches 3,750 feet, lasts 5.5 minutes, and fun for all ages. Riders begin with an easy ascent up the woods along Great Smoky Mountains National Park, climbing steadily until they reach the crest and immediately barrel down again with all the turns, dips, and corkscrews you can expect of the perfect roller coaster.


If you decide to head inside and warm up, visit the Ober Gatlinburg Mall. There is a year-round ice skating rink located inside the mall so you can strap on a pair of skates and go skating by each three hour session. To purchase keepsakes of your time at Ober Gatlinburg, The Shops at Ober have all kinds of gifts, apparel, toys, and other souvenirs to take home. There is even an imaging shop where you can buy personalized photos from the slopes and the tramway.

The hardest part of spending a day at Ober Gatlinburg is fitting all these activities into a single day, so you may have to keep coming back.

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