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At Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, the Pearl Harbor Exhibit is a fascinating and intriguing exhibit. This is an award-winning, top-rated aquarium, found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it is an aquarium that offers a wide variety of experiences, some of which are interactive. There are also many wild sea creatures that live in this aquarium, and the visitors to the aquarium can travel along a moving glidepath that goes for 340 feet. The path goes beneath sharks, and it visitors can also touch real stingrays and paint a piece of art with penguins.

Pearl Harbor ExhibitSome of the highlights of the Aquarium have been mentioned, but the best part is the Pearl Harbor Exhibit. This is a changeable, three-gallery exhibit, and it is also interactional and educational. In case you didn’t know, Pearl Harbor happened about 75 years ago, and you’re sure to want to learn more about the impact of this event on the environment. This exhibit goes into greater detail about what the Pearl Harbor incident was all about, and includes models of planes and ships, along with an interactive map, and a life-sized figure of FDR. There’s also a theater that features memorabilia from the ’40s.

This exhibit was made to honor the military and indeed, the Aquarium is a big supporter of those in this country who have served in the military. All of the Ripley’s museums offer 50{c50791b46326d88c9bdc160050718b22e6d824b4478976d37d4f794f155edd7b} off for those in the military, and they also offer 30{c50791b46326d88c9bdc160050718b22e6d824b4478976d37d4f794f155edd7b} off for dependent family members of military personnel. The aquarium itself was voted one of the Top 5 in the world, and Forbes named it one of America’s Best Aquariums. This aquarium, as aforementioned, features 1.4 million gallons of water, full to the brim with exotic sea creatures. The shark exhibit that is part of the aquarium also has 11-foot sharks, which you will not just see anywhere. The tunnel that was mentioned before is one of the most astonishing you will ever see.

If you’re looking for the Aquarium, go to traffic light #5 on Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s Parkway, and know that the Aquarium is open to you 365 days a year. If you haven’t seen the Pearl Harbor Exhibit, you are really missing out. So get to Gatlinburg, rent a cabin, and stay as long as you desire at this fabulous place, where memories are made, and where new experiences are simply waiting to happen, for you and for your family.

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