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As the world continues to speed up its pace, and living becomes more and more rushed by the year, it seems that we have less and less time to see the people that we cherish the most. Years can go by, children grow up, major milestones be reached, only to have us wake up one day and wonder where the time has gone. Do not let that happen to you and your extended family. Take regular time out to experience the joy and triumphs of life, then plan a spectacular family reunion from time to time just to remind everyone what living is all about. A great place to have such a family reunion is Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the peaceful surroundings and the abundance of outdoor activities has a little something for everyone in the group to enjoy. As you being the planning process, consider the following tips to make the occasion all the more enjoyable.


Compile the Guest List

Do not forget how large the average family today is. There are likely family members you have never even heard of, which is the precise reason that a family reunion is such a wonderful occasion. You will need to enlist the help of multiple family members, with contact to various aspects of this family tree, in order to ensure that nobody is left out. There is little more embarrassing that getting to the big event only to realize multiple individuals never received an invitation in the first place.

Plan A Budget That Everyone Can Live With

It is important to remember that not everyone in the family can live it up large. Do not force some members of the family to stay home because they cannot afford the luxurious accommodations that you have chosen. It is also important not to put certain families in the position of going into debt just to get to Gatlinburg, out of embarrassment of informing everyone that they simply do not have the money to attend. Both of these situations can be avoiding by getting the entire family involved in the Gatlinburg Family Reunion process.

Pick the Best Date Possible

There will not be one single date that works well for everyone, but you can do your best to ensure that the best possible time of year is chosen. Begin by eliminating major holidays, as various individuals will other commitments that might keep them from being able to attend. Find out the sports schedules of family members with children, as this often prevents attendance at out of town events as well. Consider conducting a survey of all family members and find the best possible date range and go from there.

Reserve Your Cabins Early

Once the dates have been chosen, don’t forget to reserve a suitable number of cabins for the reunion. You will want to book them early in order to ensure that each family unit has a great place to stay and enjoy the events that you have planned.

Plan the Schedule/Itinerary and Get Ready for the Adventure

Plan a schedule that includes multiple fun events, but do not make it so action packed that is little time for spontaneous conversation. Remember that some members of the family may not have seen one another for a decade or more, so leave a lot of time for them to visit and catch up.

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