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Gatlinburg is one of Tennessee’s top resort towns. Located in the eastern portion of the Volunteer State, Gatlinburg welcomes tourists from across the USA to take in both the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as the numerous modern attractions located downtown. In addition to its natural splendor, Gatlinburg is also known as the unofficial “Pancake Capital of the South.” In this list, we’ll take a look at some of the finest pancake houses you need to try on your next visit to this wonderful resort town.

1. Pancake Pantry

4 Of The Hottest Hotcake Houses In GatlinburgThe most famous pancake house in all of Gatlinburg is without a doubt the Pancake Pantry. Located on 628 Parkway, the Pancake Pantry has been serving up smiles since 1960. Over the decades, the Pancake Pantry has built up quite the reputation for its thin crepes and its stacks of silver dollar pancakes. The restaurant now serves almost 25 different varieties of pancakes, which includes their sweet potato pancakes, apricot-lemon pancakes, and Swiss chocolate chip pancakes. Anyone interested in getting a table at this wonderful restaurant is get here as early as possible. On extremely busy days, it’s not uncommon for chefs to whip up almost 5,000 pancakes for the morning crowd.

2. Atrium Pancakes

If you’re in the market for a specialty pancake, look no further than Atrium Pancakes at 432 Parkway. This pancake house has around 25 different varieties of specialty pancakes, but one pancake concoction stands out above the rest: the Baked Apple Pancake. Made with granny smith apples and a toasty crust, you’ll think you just died and went to heaven as you savor this wonderfully warm hotcake. Some other popular specialty pancakes include the M&M pancakes, the chocolate covered strawberry pancakes, and the Caribbean pancakes. The Atrium has gotten pretty famous over the past few years thanks to various appearances on the “Food Network” and other national TV programs.

3. Log Cabin Pancake House

One of the great secrets of Gatlinburg is the Log Cabin Pancake House’s delicious “Royale Sauce.” The only thing we know about this famous topping is that it has a cream cheese base. As of today, only three people are entrusted with the exact ingredients that make up the Royale Sauce, and the only place on earth you’ll ever get to try it is right here in Gatlinburg. Some people love to drizzle this delectable sauce all over their French Toast Royale, but others prefer to order some of the Log Cabin’s large silver dollar pancakes and dredge it with some creamy Royale Sauce goodness. The Log Cabin Pancake House is located at 327 Historic Nature Trail.

4. Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Looking to take in some American history while eating sublime short stacks? Well, look no further than Crockett’s Breakfast Camp at 1103 Parkway. This restaurant is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the almost mythic Davy Crockett. You can learn all about Crockett’s long and inspiring life while enjoying some of the finest breakfast options in all of Gatlinburg. In terms of pancake specialties (aka “Griddle Cakes”), this restaurant offers cinnamon roll swirl pancakes, buckwheat fruit and nut pancakes, and a secret recipe pancake simply called “Aretha Frankenstein’s Pancakes.” In addition to pancakes, you can order some sugar-cured ham, pan fried pork chops, omelets, or oatmeal.

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