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Every year by the end of the summer you’ve grown tired of the long lasting daylight hours and the hot weather. While once excited to see the greenery bursting with life after a cold, gloomy winter, you can’t wait for the most magical time of year, fall. Aside from cool breezes, the changing colors of the trees is what you have been anticipating to behold since the previous year and you want to make sure you can take in all that fall has to offer. There are plenty of places to get the views of the fall colors in Gatlinburg, but you might be wondering where the best spots are located. Below are 5 can’t miss places to view all the different shades of fall.

Best Places to View the Fall Colors in Gatlinburg

Highway 441 – Great Smoky Mountains

The hues of fall are always in full array driving along this great American treasure. Route 441 offers endless rolling waves of red, orange, yellow, and green foliage to behold while enjoying a leisurely drive.

CLIMB Works Zip Lining

Looking for an aerial view of the magnificent fall colors? Drop by CLIMB Works to get a breathtaking glide above the golden green branches of the fir, maple, pine and many other trees covering the mountainsides.

Cades Cove – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Take in the gorgeous fall colors from beneath the trees as you traverse the lands settled by people long before it was a National Park. Watch as the leaves bring vibrant new life to cascading waterfalls and hiking trails. There is also the option to take the scenic drive through Cade Cove if hiking doesn’t suit you.

Roaring Fork – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Interested in exploring the golden brown and bright yellow foliage in a more secluded and mountainous part of Gatlinburg? Either take the drive or hike through Roaring Fork to experience a more relaxing and less crowded trip than Cades Cove. If you’re lucky you might see some bears preparing to settle down for the long hibernation months ahead.

Smoky Mountain Air – Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are none of these other places exotic enough for your desired fall experience in Gatlinburg? Look no further than a memorable Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Smoky Mountains. Enjoy the crisp, cool air soaring high above the trees and watch as the fall colors blend into beautiful red, orange, and green patterns unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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