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Cabins stack up against a stack of hotel rooms any day. A quaint cabin gives you the opportunity to have a rustic retreat and make your own home away from home on your next vacation.

Space. A hotel room can get pretty confining after a few days. When you’re used to living in a large house, and with a little privacy, living in a room can feel like living in a shoebox. A cabin gives you the flexibility of having a bedroom to retreat to if you need a quiet corner for reading or a chance to catch up on emails. Plus, it allows your kids to have their own room and you and your loved one to still have your own space.

Cost. Oftentimes, a cabin can have similar costs to a hotel, sometimes they are even more affordable since you’re often booking a cabin at a weekly rate. Plus, a cabin gives you the flexibility of renting a space with extended family or friends, so you can split up the rate and have an even more affordable stay. This way, you have more money for activities on your trip. Another added cost benefit? Meals. A cabin gives you your own kitchen so that you can prepare some of your meals at your temporary home, rather than having to dine out for every meal, which can add up quickly.

Reclusive. A cabin gives you the option of having a private retreat. Rather than being in a crowded, noisy hotel, you can have your own space. While you may still have neighbors, you won’t hear people running down the halls late at night or a variety of conversations at all hours. In your cabin, even though you’re on vacation, you’ll still feel like you’re at home. Your family has their privacy, but also the opportunity to get settled in and make it feel like your own.

Scenic. Cabins usually reside outside of city confines, sometimes in forests, woods or by the lake. A cabin allows you to sit outside and enjoy a bonfire. You can cook your favorite meal on the grill. You can actually see the stars without them being stifled by city lights. Plus, there’s the cabin itself. Enjoy the decorations and furniture from the area, rather than a set to match every hotel in the chain.

Cabins are a perfect way to make your next vacation a rustic, comfortable retreat.

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