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Winter vacations are generally exhilarating with lots of fun outdoor activities followed by cozy nights around a fire. But, what happens when you get slammed by a snowstorm and can’t leave your cabin until the snow stops and the roads are clear? It is best to plan for these weather events when packing up your gear for your trip. Here are a few ideas for what to bring to pass the time in case you are snowed in.

Board Games and Cards

Fun Items to Bring To a Cabin in Case You Get Snowed InBring 2 or 3 games that are both adult and kid friendly, assuming you have the kids in tow. Scrabble is a classic that you can play in teams if there are more than 4 people. Pictionary is fun for all and can get pretty animated. Cranium is a great brain game. You can’t go wrong with bringing a deck of cards or two. Uno is a good card game to pack.

Jigsaw Puzzle

You can set up a jigsaw puzzle on a table where anyone can work on it at any time. As the puzzle progresses there will be more interest to keep adding to it until it is completed. Remember to take a picture of the finished piece.

Reading Material

Pack a few interesting fictional novels that are fast reads. Mysteries are always engaging. Grab your stack of unread magazines that you can finally have a chance to read. Or, pick up a few at the market before you leave. Get different ones that will appeal to men, women, and children.

Fondue Pot

This is a throwback to the 70s, but it can be fun and bring everyone together for good conversation and an easy meal. Don’t forget the Sterno. You can set up the pot on a cutting board or step stool on the floor. Encourage everyone to grab a pillow and sit around the pot on the floor. You can do a classic cheese fondue with a platter of fruit, vegetables, and bread. A favorite with kids is a tomato sauce fondue served with mini meatballs, small mozzarella balls, and garlic toasts.

Yoga Mats

Use the time to stretch by doing yoga or Pilates. You can also find a quiet corner to meditate. Bring yoga mats for these activities.


Bring your laptop so you can catch up on episodes of your favorite shows by streaming them. This assumes you will have internet access. If there isn’t any Wi-Fi, bring some DVDs of movies that everyone will enjoy. Comedies are good to ward off cabin fever.

Being snowed in isn’t a bad thing. It can be a great time to relax and catch up on sleep. It also gives you a chance to really connect with your friends or family. Be mindful of everyone’s needs and make sure you get outside to play in the snow a little. Follow that with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and enjoy the time.

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