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The Smoky Mountains are known for their talented craftsman that create beautiful pieces such as hand blown glass, quilts, wood carvings, and so much more. These skills have been handed down through the generations for all of us to enjoy. Now you can try your own hand at creating something wonderful during the Hands On Gatlinburg event.

Hands On GatlinburgThis event gives visitors to the Gatlinburg area an opportunity to learn from the professionals. There will be 40 different classes held in 15 studios scattered throughout Gatlinburg’s Smoky Mountain Arts and Crafts Community. Each class teaches students exactly how the local craftsmen have been creating their wares over the years. Best of all, you get to take home the item you make.

For example, if you have ever admired the glassware found in the Smoky Mountain gift shops, you’ll love one of Hands On Gatlinburg’s glass blowing classes where you can make your own hand blown sculpture or ornament. The stained glass mosaics class teaches students how to cut the glass, how to make patterns, and how to grout, and fused glass courses help you create your very own five by five fused glass dish.

Among the classes offered, you will find many that demonstrate the techniques used to create the most common things craftsmen sell in Gatlinburg and the surrounding communities. This includes wood carving where one learns the basics of tool handling, sharpening, and basic carving skills. Those in the soap making class will learn how a batch of custom made oatmeal soap is created, and weavers will enjoy discovering just how to do a herringbone pattern for a stool seat.

Many classes being offered at Hands On Gatlinburg help you discover the lost arts that were once so vital to the Smoky Mountain region. You can learn how to do flint knapping. This is how arrowheads were made. You could also try your hand at turning a fully functioning peppermill or marble leather and paper to create a truly unique journal. There is even a third generation broom maker available to share his craft.

Those who enjoy the more traditional crafts that many of us still use today will also find a class that will suit them perfectly. Painters can try their skills on a variety of materials such as masonite, gourds, and slate as well as do traditional oil paintings of the beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery. Quilting and jewelry making are also popular classes.

No matter what craft interests you the most, Hands On Gatlinburg is sure to have a class that will be perfect. There is nothing like the pride in accomplishing any one of these amazing projects, and the piece you take home will be sure to become a treasured souvenir. The event runs from April 7th through April 9th. You can visit http://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg for a full list of classes, times, and costs.

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