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The Parkway, the main road through Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and other streets in the city will become interactive stages for seven weeks during the 12th Annual Smoky Mountains Tunes and Tales event. From 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. each night from June 9 to July 29, entertainers including musicians, dancers and storytellers share the history of this wonderful region through their performances. Gatlinburg is a proud city that loves having visitors walk around town to get to know it and its people up close. That is what makes this event even more special.

Smoky Mountain Tunes and TalesCharacters in period dress spin tales of earlier times in the Smoky Mountains while down the road singers engage visitors with their music and lyrics. Stroll a little farther, and watch as crafters not only display their finished products but actually show off their skills to the crowds in attendance.

Those who have attended the Smoky Mountains Tunes and Tales in the past have such a good time that they do not hesitate to return year after year. Entertainers include established bands as well as family member duos. Instruments like the traditional guitar, banjo and bass are everywhere, but do not be surprised to see someone playing spoons or even a saw! The sounds of dulcimers and fiddles also fill the air as the region’s beloved bluegrass music performances stop everyone in their tracks.

Dance is an important part of the area’s culture, and visitors love watching the many folk-dancing performances. Many are even enticed to join the performers for a quick lesson.

There are so many stories that have been passed down through the generations that have called the Smoky Mountains home. These tales are brought to life by the talented individuals that stroll the streets during the summer event, sharing them with all who will stop and listen. It is a unique way to learn about Gatlinburg and the surrounding areas and why the people of this region are so honored to call it home.

There are always returning participants scheduled to perform, so for those who love coming to Gatlinburg for this event each year it is like a family affair. Organizers, however, conduct auditions each winter to ensure that fresh, new talent is part of the festivities as well.

The wildly popular Smoky Mountains Tunes and Tales event draws visitors from all over. If you are thinking of visiting the area during this seven week period, you would be well advised to make your reservations as soon as possible. Come join in the fun, and make some very memorable memories. You won’t be disappointed.

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