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When spending time in the Smoky Mountains, there are a number of different activities to enjoy in the great outdoors. During the spring season, visitors can enjoy exploring the area and staying active in the lush environment. To have a bit of fun and create new memories, there are a number of springtime activities to enjoy in the Smokies.


Springtime Activities in the SmokiesSpring is one of the best times of the year to hike in the Smoky Mountains for the wildflowers and flowering trees that are beginning to bloom. Hikers will be able to experience a variety of rich colors along the trails, which are beautiful to photograph while working your way up the mountain. Each trail offers something different, which includes waterfalls, beautiful views, and old-growth forests. There are also a number of kid-friendly trails that are available for the whole family.

Those who want to have a bit of adventure can consider multi-day backpacking trips, which will allow you to camp overnight in various locations. The most popular destinations to hike include Chimney Tops, Andrews Bald, Rainbow Falls, Alum Cave Buffs, and Charlies Bunion.


Cades CoveConsider traveling on various trails in the park on bike for a great way to move at a faster pace and explore more areas in a day. Cades Cove Loop Road is one of the most popular places to ride bikes, which is an 11-mile one way road that features wildlife viewing and 19th century homesites that offer a look back into history. Bicycles are also available to rent at the campground store for an easy way of taking a day trip or enjoying the activity for a few hours. Other areas to ride bikes include the Oconaluftee River Trail and the lower Deep Creek Trail.


You can enjoy fishing during the spring season in one of the most beautiful designations in the world with over 2,900 miles of streams that are available. 20 percent of the mountains’ streams are large enough to support trout populations. Visitors in the Smokies can enjoy headwater trout streams to coolwater smallmouth bass streams with a number of different angling experiences that are available. The location is also known to protect one of the last wild trout habitats.

You’ll have the opportunity to catch different types of fish and enjoy cooking it for dinner during your stay.

Horseback Riding

Try your hand at guided horseback riding in the Great Smoky Mountains for an unforgettable experience that is available at four concession horseback riding stables during the spring season. You’ll have the chance to ride on a variety of scenic trails, which each last from 45 minutes to several hours. You’ll also be able to take in the natural beauty of the mountains while traveling at a moderate pace in remote locations that are serene. Approximately 550 miles of the park’s hiking trails are open to horseback riding, which will allow you to explore a large portion of the area.

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