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For people who love the mountains with summer in full swing comes the desire to hit the cool mountain waters. Whether it’s tubing, kayaking, canoeing or rafting, nothing else can take the place of enjoying a beautiful day around the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Where To Go Tubing

One of the most popular areas to enjoy tubing on the water is available at Deep Creek Campground just inside the National Park. Tube rentals will cost only $5 per day or you can bring your own tubes. You have to transport them to the river by car or truck.

Tubing In The SmokiesThis river offers whitewater tubing on the upper section. If you decide to be adventurous with the desire to get wet the upper section can offer you that. After a rain, the water can move swifter while offering a bouncy ride. One area that you will move through is known as the washing machine.

The lower section is an ideal tubing area for young children and older adults. The water is gentler with a wider access for tubing. Never carry personal items on the water while tubing. Some of those items could be your electronic devices or wallets. A portable air compressor is a must if you bring your own tubes. Make sure to have food items with you in case the family gets hungry.

Another popular tubing location is located in Cherokee at Smoky Mountain Tubing. The Oconaluftee River offers gentle tubing while the family enjoys the geese swimming nearby. The water park area has picnic facilities available for grilling while enjoying the river.

Tubing On The Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains

Townsend offers visitors a more peaceful memory of the Smoky Mountains Park. River Rage Tubing is located on the banks of the Little River. This is one of the more popular tubing locations for both swift mountain rapids and slower water. The facility offers tubing enthusiasts some of the best outdoor recreational experiences in the area while practicing safety during your water adventure visit.

Smoky Mountain River Rat is only 9 miles from the Cades Cove scenic loop. The upper section offers swift water rapids with cooling swimming holes available along the way. The lower section offers gentle water, with scenic views of the surrounding area. You need to remember to keep personal items locked away during your visit to avoid losing them.

Whitewater Rafting

The Pigeon River offers the closest whitewater rafting location near the Smoky Mountains National Park. Outdoor Rafting Adventures will give you a professional guide on your trip guiding you safely down the rapids for an enjoyable experience.

The lower portion of the Pigeon River offers rafters Class-1 and Class-2 whitewater action. The amount of rainfall plays an important role in how swift the waters can vary from week to week. A first rafting trip experience makes this portion of the Pigeon River the ideal choice for beginners and children.

The upper portion allows rafters to travel through Class-3 and Class-4 rapids. Rafters who have never experienced fast water action before are encouraged to enjoy the lower section.

Remember to pack clothing to wear during your raft or tubing trip. Other rafting and tubing outfitters are available around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park so you have choices when you want the best water adventures around.

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